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High Performance Leadership.

Leadership behaviours affect bottom-line performance by up to 30%.

What's at stake for you?

​All leaders have behaviours that get in the way of maximizing the performance of the teams they lead. For some, it's a matter of sanding off rough edges. For others, the behaviour can completely derail their career. And, the more senior the leader, the less likely it is that they will receive the feedback they need to correct the ineffective behaviour.   

Masterful leadership comes from closing the gap between how we see ourselves and how others perceive us.  Coaching is the mechanism for that transformation.

Your potential outcomes

  • Improved team engagement and reduced attrition.

  • Greater self-awareness of leadership style and blindspots.

  • Improved ability to self-manage and avoid/minimize de-railers.

  • Development of more effective relationships with key stakeholders.

  • Increased confidence in your ability to succeed and drive results. 

  • Improved promotability and team engagement scores.

  • Validation and acceptance of development areas.

"Emily worked with me to successfully navigate the transition from being a high-performing contributor to a team leader which enhanced my visibility within the organization and improved my perception among senior leadership. I highly recommend her. "

Melissa, Director

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