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Parallel Lines

Accelerate the performance of your
high-stakes team

with team and leadership coaching

High-Performance Programs.

Leadership Coaching

All leaders have behaviours that get in the way of maximizing the performance of the teams they lead. For some, it's a matter of sanding off rough edges. For others, the behaviour can completely derail their career. And, the more senior the leader, the less likely it is that they will receive the feedback they need to correct the ineffective behaviour.   

Masterful leadership comes from closing the gap between how we see ourselves and how others perceive us.  Coaching is the mechanism for that transformation.

Team Coaching

Great teams don't happen by chance. 


  • Only 1 in 10 teams consider themselves high performing.

You have the power to change the odds. Teams who receive quality team coaching improve by an average of 20%.

With the right design and support, teams do better work, are more collaborative and creative, have lower attrition and higher loyalty, and deliver up to 50% better performance.​​

Team coaching is proven to work where familiar interventions such as team building and skills training fail to deliver sustainable change.


Gain the specific skills, tools and mindset to accelerate performance, retain and grow critical talent and drive results.

  • Managing Conflict

  • Escape Dreaded Drama Triangle

  • Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Coaching Skills for Managers

It's good for you, your team and your organization.

New role?
Make your best start.

Acceleration Coaching

Nearly 50% of external leaders fail within 18 months and 83% of promoted leaders feel unprepared for their new responsibilities.

A new leader is a significant investment of time, cost and energy for organizations. When a transition fails it costs the organization up to 10x salary, not to mention the damage to brand reputation and team morale.

A trusted advisor in the critical early days can help the leader successfully navigate their new role by building credibility, momentum and positive results. 

The Acceleration program is designed to help leaders successfully make the shift and accelerate the value they bring to a new role.

Team Portrait

About Emily Bond Performance Coaching

I help leaders and teams better their best and WOW their stakeholders.

Today’s work environment is uncertain & chaotic. I know what that feels like. Before becoming a coach, I  led a global design and technology consultancy in Toronto as Managing Director. From 2006 to 2016 we grew just shy of 500%. In 2016, we were acquired and rebranded 3 times in 18 months.


Today, I partner with a select group of curious, courageous & committed teams and leaders to help them tap into their true potential. 


I hold professional certifications from Team Coach Team Coaching International, the International Coaching Federation, The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Instrument and Hogan Assessments.

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