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Stepping into a new role comes along with new co-workers, a new boss, and an unfamiliar workspace.


Your First 100 Kick-Start Guide will help you start off on the right foot and build momentum in your early days.

Don't just to take my word for it...

* Fee includes a copy of highly recommended The First 100 Kick-start Guide


Fil, VP


As someone who has transitioned into a new role during this weird time, this guide was incredibly helpful not only in preparing for Day 1 but how to focus to drive impact. Emily has put together a thought-provoking and guiding light for leaders transitioning into new roles.


Samira, Manager


It will help you set intentions, goals, build important relationships, do regular reflections, and basically set you up for a successful journey. 


Gina, Director

 The guide is packed with wisdom and a concrete plan to go in with your eyes wide open. It’s very difficult to recover from a rough start - we’ve all seen it happen. Roll up your sleeves, take control and invest in your own success. Your effort will pay off for years to come.

Is this guide for you?

Popular books will give you a "how-to" manual. But knowing what to do is rarely enough.

Many intelligent and capable people fail to achieve their desired results.


The truth is your success will depend on how well you manage who you are and need to become as a leader, all while navigating an unfamiliar environment.


Your First 100 Kick-Start Guide will help you to focus your impact, leverage your leadership strengths and manage what might trip you up or slow you down on your journey to full performance. 

What will you get?

You'll be guided through the 5 questions critical to your success.

  1. MY PURPOSE. Why am I really here?
  2. MY IMPACT. How will I know I am on track?
  3. MY FUTURE-SELF. What kind of leader would be successful?
  4. MY STRENGTHS. How will they support me and when will they hinder me?
  5. MY STAKEHOLDERS. Who are my critical relationships?

You'll have access to:

  • A First 100 Kick-Start Canvas to keep you focused on your destination.

  • A First 100 Plan template to help you map out how to get there.

  • Additional Kick-Start tool favourites like:

    • developing your elevator pitch,

    • uncovering norms,

    • enlisting a personal board of directors,

    • qualifying your quick wins,

    • how to get early feedback,

    • and more. 

Why should I listen to you?

My career has spanned a variety of organizations from my own business, to scale up and finally to global enterprises. Regardless of size and industry, one theme is common. New roles are hard. I have seen my fair share of amazing starts and starts that damage reputations. Over the course of my career, I have mentored and coached dozens of leaders on how they can make their best start. 

Why is this work important?

Only you can answer why this might be important for you. For me, this work is important because I know from my own experience and those I coach that you have short period of time to make a solid first impression. I have seen early mis-steps impact promotability, reputation and access to opportunity. Everyone should have the opportunity to make their best start. 

Get ready to make your best start.

Want a hand? Here's the complete line-up of First 100 Day Programs


The Guide.

Prepare to make your best start with this high-recommended self-guided early days toolkit. 


The Tune-up.*

Get ready for Day 1 with me as your sounding board in this high-impact 45-mins zoom call.


The Bootcamp.*

Do a deep dive on your plan, explore questions, and clarify your thinking in this 2-hour high-value zoom call.


The Sidekick.*

All the benefits of The Bootcamp plus two tune-up sessions during your first 30 days.

* Fee includes a copy of highly recommended The First 100 Kick-start Guide

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