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Congratulations! You've landed a new role. Maybe even your dream job...

This new opportunity is a massive boost to your career.  A chance for you to thrive as a leader.

But before you thrive, you'll first need to survive.

Soon you'll be entering an environment full of unknowns. An environment in which you have yet to build relationship equity. It can feel pretty precarious.


How critical is it for you to make your best start in this high-stakes event?

That's why the C-Suite gets support for their transition. 

But what about you? Shouldn't you have a proven structure and a support system to help you make your best start? Organizational onboarding is rarely enough.

Together, we can unlock your potential to perform at your best and with fewer mistakes.

Take the wheel. It's your career.


The Guide.

Prepare to make your best start with this high-recommended self-guided early days toolkit. 


The Tune-up.*

Get ready for Day 1 with me as your sounding board in this high-impact 45-mins zoom call.


The Bootcamp.*

Do a deep dive on your plan, explore questions, and clarify your thinking in this 2-hour high-value zoom call.


The Sidekick.*

All the benefits of The Bootcamp plus two tune-up sessions during your first 30 days.

Here's how.

* Fee includes a copy of the highly recommended The First 100 Kick-start Guide

What Clients Say

Young Businesswoman


Emily applies helpful approaches and tools which can help individuals transition to a new role, define and commit to specific goals/actions, and navigate complex interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

Young Man


Emily helped me navigate and succeed transitioning into what was a completely new corporate world to me. If you’re reading this trying to make up your mind, I’m going to say DO IT!

Confident Woman


Not only have I learned what some of my core strengths are , I now have a better understanding as to how to use those strengths to the best of my ability. 

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