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Master Feedback

Mastering the skill of receiving feedback requires us to understand and manage our resistance, become curious and seek the insight that might help us grow. 


It’s about how to learn from feedback—yes, even when it is off base, unfair, poorly delivered, and frankly, you’re not in the mood. (Thanks for the Feedback)

Thought Starters

To Get Promoted, Get Feedback from Your Critics. [HBR] 

Putting together a diverse group of carefully curated colleagues will help you have a greater impact, move up, and generate more supporters who want to see you succeed.

How to Take Criticism Well. [HBR] 

When you’re in a leadership position, you will always have critics. 

Find the Coaching in Criticism. [HBR] 

Criticism is never easy to take—but learning to pull value from it is essential to your development and success.

Seven deadly fears can turn us into unconscious leaders. This is how deep-dives can fix that.

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