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What is your Leadership Legacy?

Great leaders define a vision of successful leadership, and they create a plan that gets them laser-focused on creating their desired impact.

They have a system. This guide will help you set up that system.

Is this guide for you?

Are you a leader who cares about the impact you make?

Do you want to leave a positive legacy?

Do you want a system to help you create this legacy?

This guide is for you.

What will you get?

You'll be guided through the 5 steps to create and action your legacy.

  1. Explore what makes for a great leader.

  2. Zero in on whom you impact.

  3. Define what great looks like from their perspective.

  4. Learn what you need to pick-up and let go.

  5. Create a system of feedback and accountability.


Lead with your legacy in mind.

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